The (Obvious) Importance Of Customer Convenience

There’s a discussion over at the Pebble forums about whether a user should be able to manage multiple Pebble watches in the Pebble app for iPhone or Android.

Why manage switching between multiple Pebbles from the Pebble app? Well, for one, it’s a better user experience.

Most customers wanting to do anything with their one Pebble, or many Pebbles, will naturally go to the Pebble app. That should be embraced.

The Pebble app should be the single place for all things Pebble. Doing that affirms a positive user, and therefore brand, experience and keeps the user focused on Pebble. Having an app that allows customers to manage multiple Pebbles in an easy way will also encourage them to buy more Pebble products.

If managing another Pebble becomes a hassle, then Pebble potentially looses additional sales to a current customer. Worse, that now less-than-satisfied customer means it’s less likely Pebble sells to others who read or hear that the app isn’t that convenient.

Anecdotally, think where the iTunes ecosystem would be if you couldn’t manage multiple iPods, iPhones, etc. within the iTunes app. The answer is, not the dominant position it is in today.