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My name is Jim Hillhouse. Hi! In 20002, I started programming on OS X as a hobbyist. In 2003 I founded the CocoaCoder.org group in Austin, Texas. With the introduction of iOS in 2008, my focus switched to iOS development. In addition to iOS, I’m also working in watchOS and tvOS.

As to my what I actually do day-to-day, since 2010 I split my iOS development time between writing apps for myself and sample code to help others in Objective-C. These days, I am wholly pounding the keyboard using Apple’s Swift programming language to create a melange of functional and protocol-based code. My own apps are focused on aerospace and home automation applications. My latest is Mission Orion, a spacecraft simulator. Mission Orion 2 is around the corner. Promise.

The areas of iOS API’s that I most work-in are SceneKit, Spritekit, GLKit, HomeKit, HealthKit, and the myriad of others that have made my life more simple and…well, more enjoyable.

I am not interested in contract work.

I live with my wife in Austin, Texas and our two dogs.

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  1. Hey Jim!
    Thank you for your Screenshot app demo!
    Could I ask you to also document the capturing of CAEmitterCell (using CAEmitterLayer) particles?
    None of the methods in the demo app worked for me, they are simple omitted from the screen recording 😦

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